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Besides being emotionally draining, divorce is financially unsettling as well.  Dividing income and assets into two households can be a challenging process. Financial Planners have traditionally worked with individuals after divorce, helping them build new lives and plan for their future. By being uniquely qualified to make long-term financial projections, Divorce Financial Planners integrate the methodology of financial planning directly into the divorce process.

Adrienne can explain your options, help you set priorities, and lead you through the hard choices ahead; She examines and analyzes the financial issues of a divorce, providing individuals (and their attorneys) with data to help them make informed decisions.  She tries to bring peace of mind to a difficult and emotional process. 


  • Compile, Organize, and Value Assets
  • Analyze Liabilities
  • Estimate Immediate Needs
  • Prepare Statements of Net Worth
  • Develop Realistic Budgets for both current and projected future needs



  • Discuss and Prioritize Goals
  • Estimate Future Earning Potentials, Training Cost and Time Horizon
  • Estimate College and Educational Costs
  • Compare After-Tax Asset Sales
  • Project Retirement Needs
  • Analyze Insurance Needs


3.     DIVORCE SETTLEMENT ANALYSIS: (Can I Keep the House?)

  • Review After-Tax Proposed Settlements
  • Estimate Maintenance Needs: Include possible need to secure the payment of child support/maintenance via life insurance on the payor.
  • Analyze Short and Long Term Cash Flow and Net Worth Projections
  • Compare and Contrast Settlement Proposals
  • Consider health insurance options; retirement income, as appropriate


  • Oversee Asset Transfers
  • Oversee beneficiary change
  • Set Up Budgeting and Money Management Systems
  • Review insurance coverages:home, auto, life, disability income, long-term care, and  health insurance.
  • Manage Investments; Review risk profile; reallocate investments
  • Monitor Results
  • Update Plans


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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck
Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck